Swan Bath

I’ve had a fascination with swans since being read “The Ugly Duckling” as a child. For me, swans have represented a journey to finding your identity and place in the world, especially as a member of the LGBT+ community. Childhood can be a time of feeling on the outside, but soon you realize the qualities that make you different can be what make you evolve into a beautiful swan.
I found this swan shaking off in the Thames while searching for a snack in July. I love the grace and strength displayed in this picture. I shot this photo using a Nikon N75 film camera loaded with 35mm film. I enjoy shooting wildlife on film since there is an unpredictability factor. You are not able to see the photo again until it is developed and often times by the time I get the film back, I’ve forgotten what pictures I’ve taken. This picture took me by surprise and I feel like I snapped an intimate glimpse into this swan’s world. I hope you enjoy 🙂

  • Camera: SP-3000
  • Taken: 26 July, 2023

Location: Chiswick Mall near Chiswick Lane South

Date Taken: 2023-07-20

Camera: Nikon N75

Age Group: over_16

Professional Photographer? no

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