A Big Bee Party!

I planted four lavendar plants across my allotment a few years ago and they produce more and more flowers each year. Today they were in the fullest bloom I have seen – with an incredible number of different types of bees all feasting whilst I gently weeded around them. It felt like a bit of disco party for them with them dancing around whilst gorging on the pollen. There were a huge variety of bees – some had white body markings – but I was fascinated by the pronounced veins on this one.
Hope you like the image πŸ™‚
As one of the flower market team i hope you can accept the application but understand if you can’t!

Location: Promenade Allotment Dan Mason Drive Chiswick

Date Taken: 2023-07-19

Camera: iPhone 13

Age Group: over_16

Professional Photographer? no

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